ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Summit High School

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Summit High School

Mason Leatherwood


Mason Leatherwood, son of Cleve and Kristi Leatherwood, is a senior at Summit High School and a member of the varsity football team.

He plays the position of offensive left tackle for the team.

Leatherwood has had 10 flatbacks, two drive blocks to the sideline and has not given up any sacks this season.

Leatherwood owes his interest and passion for the game to his father. He said that from a young age he always wanted to be able to play football at the level his father did.

He is very competitive and said that what drives him to do his best is being “better than the person on the other side of the ball.” He said that he aims to prove people wrong and wants to make a name for himself.

His role model is his brother. He said that he looks up to him because of his desire to serve his country and his selfless attitude. Leatherwood said that he is consistently thinking of others before himself.

After graduating, he hopes to attend and SEC school and pursue a degree in sports medicine.

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