Award-winning Sheriff’s Office K9 spent final years in demonstrations for children

Award-winning Sheriff’s Office K9 spent final years in demonstrations for children

Gunner, trained in narcotics detection, poses with contraband from an 80-pound marijuana bust in 2013. // WILLIAMSON COUNTY SHERIFF


Williamson County Sheriff’s Office award-winning K9 Gunner, a 10-year-old German Shepherd who inspired the creation of a fund to support dogs formerly used in law enforcement, died on Sunday, the second anniversary of his retirement from the force.

Gunner served the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office through his handler and partner, Cpl. Debbie Rogers, for seven years.

Gunner was a dual purpose K9 certified in Narcotics Detection and Suspect Apprehension. Gunner certified in the 2010 USPCA National Trials held in Louisiana competing against more than 130 K9 teams from across the U.S.

Members of Leadership Franklin pose with Cpl. Debbie Rogers and Gunner at the dog’s retirement ceremony. // SUBMITTED

At his retirement, members of Leadership Franklin announced a new program started in Gunner’s honor. Leadership Franklin started a fund to support retired county K9s called Gunners Guardians.

After a hard day of training and work Gunner would look forward to the occasional trip to Sonic for his reward of popcorn chicken. He also enjoyed a scratch on his belly if he could get you to help him out. Since his retirement Gunner appeared at demonstrations for young children when a more mature K9 was needed. Gunner seemed to know he needed to be gentle with children and he made a perfect transition into that role.

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