Beechcroft Road to be closed Monday for railroad maintenance

Beechcroft Road to be closed Monday for railroad maintenance

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Spring Hill will see multiple road closures throughout the next week as the CSX Corporation conducts maintenance on its railroad, with Beechcroft Road’s closure scheduled for Monday. CSX anticipates the closure to last one full day.

The closure of Beechcroft Road was of particular concern to many city residents, as the road is the primary connector to the city for those living in West Spring Hill.

Parents who live west of the closure on Beechcroft Road wanting to drop off their children at Spring Hill Elementary School will, instead of driving roughly two miles on Beechcroft Road to Main Street, be forced to take Dr. Robertonson Road north all the way to Sugar Ridge Road, then turn on Depot Street to finally connect with Main Street. An even longer alternative to the elementary school would see drivers going south all the way to the border of Columbia, just to head back north on U.S. 31.

Currently, Wilkes Lane and Depot Street are both closed where they cross the CSX railroad, but are scheduled to reopen Monday morning. Spring Hill Communications Director Jamie Page wrote in a social media post that Depot Street and Beechcroft Road would not be closed at the same time, as to not force residents in West Spring Hill to drive all the way north to I-840 to reach Main Street.

The following is the full list of road closures planned throughout next week.

  • Cleburne Road/Petty Lane between Petty and Freehand Lane
  • Butler Road between Frye Road and Carters Creek Station Road
  • Frye Road between Butler Road and U.S. 31
  • Harlan Road between Carters Creek Pike and U.S. 31
  • Theta Pike between Witherspoon Road and Rock Products Road

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