Brentwood teen bakes cupcakes to fund mission trip

Brentwood teen bakes cupcakes to fund mission trip

After a full day at school, 15-year-old Brentwood teen Caroline Finger comes home and prepares to bake dozens of cupcakes.

Equipped with a notebook full of orders and a kitchen island lined with cupcake containers, she’s organized and determined. Caroline has delivered 500 cupcakes in just a matter of a few weeks.

Her thriving cupcake business is not for personal gain but to help others. Caroline attends St. Cecilia Academy in Nashville and recently learned about a medical mission trip to Haiti called Be Happy Haiti, which provides dental care to over 5,500 people in LaVallée, Haiti.

Caroline is one of only ten students who has been selected for the mission trip. Caroline’s next step is to fund her trip. Caroline's Cupcakes

“I’ve always liked to bake,” says Caroline. “I already have a job, I babysit, but baking seemed like such a fundraising thing to do.”

Orders have been flooding in and Caroline created a Facebook page Caroline’s Cupcakes. Flavors available include: Chocolate, White, Yellow, and Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese and buttercream frostings. Seasonal and custom cupcakes include S’Mores & Peppermint and they sell for $20 a dozen.

Caroline says she will take requests for new flavors and says her favorite flavor is peppermint because the peppermint cupcake is topped with peppermint bark.

The key to baking hundreds of cupcakes?

“Consistency is the key to making good cupcakes,” says Caroline. “The more I make, the easier it gets.”

Caroline’s family members are fully supportive of her trip and her cupcake fundraising efforts.

“God has given her this desire, so I have to believe God will protect her,” says Cara Finger, Caroline’s mom. “It’s a family affair. We all work together to help in any way that we can.”

About Be Happy Haiti

Be Happy Haiti was founded by Brook Ely, Emma Hall, and Blair Ely who began helping Haitians after the earthquake in 2010. After the devastation, many families lost family members but they also noticed that dental care was missing as well. In Haiti, there is only one dentist per 200,000 people compared to the U.S., where there is one dentist per 1,000 people.  Even with the support of the community, there are children who haven’t seen a dentist by the age of 8.

Currently, the Be Happy Haiti program provides dental care to over 5,500 people in LaVallée, Haiti. With the efforts of their project, they have hired Haitian dentists and assistants to provide dental care year-round. Dental care is provided free for every child and costs 64 cents for adults. No one is turned away. Learn more about Be Happy Haiti on their website. 

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