COLUMN: Colleges mustn’t miss on Page’s Michael Burdick

COLUMN: Colleges mustn’t miss on Page’s Michael Burdick


After Page’s big win over Summit Friday, Patriots head coach Charles Rathbone brought up quite a point about one of his team’s top talents.

Why hasn’t senior two-way Page star Michael Burdick gotten any college offers?

A Google of his name shows no 24/7 Sports profile or a star-ranking.

“[I’m] praying and hoping some college wakes up and gives him a shot,” Rathbone said that night.

“He can play at the next level,” he continued. “He’s got the speed. He’s got the mind. He’s got everything that you need at the next level. Somebody’s going to get a really, really good football player when they take a chance on him.

“He’s a special player. He’s a special kid.”

Watching Burdick play, particularly on offense, makes him the most perplexing talent in the county not to at least be drawing at least some interest from the next level.

Rathbone is right. As of now, he’s the steal of the Williamson County recruiting process.

Someone’s about to strike gold on him as a college prospect.

So far this season, Burdick has 408 yards and seven touchdowns on offense, averaging 11.7 yards a catch. He’s got 851 total yards for the Patriots this season, nearly half of those coming from punt and kick returns. On defense, he’s the team’s fourth-leading tackler with 39 notched, with two picks to spare at free safety.

He’s got the makings of a wildly-dangerous outside and slot receiver and returner at the next level wherever he goes.

An Athlete of the Week profile written about Burdick last fall says that “he takes opposition as a form of inspiration and motivation. When asked what inspires him to train and compete, he said, ‘All the people who say I can’t do it or it will never happen.’ He wants to prove those people wrong.”

If he keeps playing like this in 2018, someone’s going to help him see this come true.

The world of high school scouting is a funky one, and you never really know what teams are looking for. Though, Burdick’s two-way ability should entice someone into seeing what he could do for their team. Well, really, three-way ability. How often can a guy give a team fits in all three phases of the game?

Right now, the Patriots are at a healthy 5-1 and look poised to make playoff noise in their region. Without Burdick, that’s probably not quite as definite a future. The team relies heavily on his ability to make plays in all layers of the game, and make plays he does.

Watching Burdick play in high school football indicates he’s fitting a spot on a college roster somewhere.

It should be only a matter of time before some school does as Rathbone hopes: wakes up and realizes what Burdick’s potential is for the next level of play.

Burdick deserves a row of hats and a big collegiate decision in February, not a seat in the crowd to watch other folks sign.

Watch a compilation of Burdick’s Hudl highlights here

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