Confident Blackburn supporters await final numbers at Cool Springs Marriott

Confident Blackburn supporters await final numbers at Cool Springs Marriott

Country music played by Senator Jack Johnson’s band, The Austin Brothers, rang out over the sound of scattered conversations among those anxiously awaiting election results. It’s a full house at the Cool Springs Mariott in Franklin.

Brentwood Attorney Will Pomeroy.
Robert Payne of Gallatin.

If you were looking to find a rhinestone elephant pin on the lapel of a red pantsuit, or a slew of Make America Great Again hats in Nashville tonight, Marsha Blackburn’s election party would be the place to go.

Hundreds of supporters were gathered in the Marriott ballroom, with more continuing to come in.

One supporter, Peggie Smith, said she has known Blackburn for over 40 years. Smith, who taught school in Williamson County for 33 years before moving into real estate, said she is confident that Blackburn will pull through a win.

“I know her from her roots. She is hardworking. She is not pretentious. She is good friends with anybody of all classes, all walks of life. She knows what it is to work hard for what you’ve got. That’s why we’ve been friends for all these years,” she said.

Another supporter, Robert Payne, picture in his American flag hat, said he came out in support of Blackburn because she supports President Trump.

“I’m from Gallatin, and it’s very important to me that we have a hometown candidate running for such an important office because she understands Tennessee and Nashville in particular,” Payne said. “She knows what the people of Tennessee want, and it’s conservative politics, no doubt about that. And knowing that she is for the same kind of policies as President Trump is very important to me. We need some common sense with legislation in this country, and she is the person to do that.”

Will Pomeroy, a Brentwood attorney, echoed those sentiments.

“It’s very important to me that Marsha Blackburn is in support of President Trump’s agenda — I support what Trump is doing and the direction he’s taking the country, and I know Marsha is going to support that direction. She’s has been around here a long time, and I’m a Brentwood native, so I can attest to the fact that she’s done a good job,” he said. “I think it’d be a great thing for Williamson County and Brentwood and really show the prosperity of Williamson county over the last two decades and how we’ve really seen it grow.”

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