Corey Napier reelected as Thompson’s Station Mayor by razor-thin margin

Corey Napier reelected as Thompson’s Station Mayor by razor-thin margin

PHOTO: Mike Roberts (Left) and winner of the mayor race, Corey Napier (Right) during the election forum debate back in October // Photo by Alexander Willis


Corey Napier came out victorious in the race for Mayor of Thompson’s Station, beating out his opponent Mike Roberts by a mere 12 votes in what was a hotly contested race.

Napier received 1,283 votes compared to Roberts’ 1,271.

In addition to the Mayor race, incumbent Alderman Brandon Bell as well as sitting planning commission member Shaun Alexander won the two open spots for Aldermen of Thompson’s Station.

“It was a hard-fought campaign,” Napier said. “I think they honed in on one issue, and I wanted to communicate positivity and remind people of all the great reasons they decided to be a resident of Thompson’s Station. So there were contrasting styles for sure.”

One of the most discussed issues during the race was the sewer system in Thompson’s Station, and how to fix it moving forward. The issue originates from a malfunction of the town’s current wastewater treatment plant, which has put some future developments on hold until a solution is found.

Roberts was largely in favor of constructing a second wastewater treatment plant, and against allowing independent developers from constructing their own sewer systems. Napier was also in favor of constructing a second wastewater treatment plant, but was more open to different options for sewer systems.

Napier said achievements he would like to see realized in his new term would be the development of connectivity between Thompson’s Station’s new schools on Clayton Arnold Road and Preservation Park, fostering new revenue from commercial development along the U.S. 31 corridor, further development of the town’s downtown area, as well as finding a solution to the town’s sewer and wastewater problems.

“It’d be great to have Preservation Park accessible, safely, under 31 connected all the way over down Critz Lane over to the new schools,” Napier said. “That’s not a dream, that’s a near-term reality, we can make that happen.”

And lastly, Napier said he would like to explore unifying the town board of mayor and aldermen, while still retaining the town’s staff’s diversity of opinions.

“I think a healthy board is a board that has diverse opinions,” Napier said. “We put in place this utility committee, and we got our thoroughfare planning effort under way… these are opportunities for people to come together and solve problems.”

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