County Commission to consider changing several rules

Resolutions to extend citizens comment time and other bills from several ad hoc committees are on Monday’s agenda for the Williamson County Board of Commissioners.

Resolutions to extend citizens comment time and form several ad hoc committees are on Monday’s agenda for the Williamson County Board of Commissioners.

Possibly the most contentious item is one to establish a task force charged with assessing the county hospital and determining how profits could be legally used if the facility was sold.

The resolution, proposed at last month’s steering committee meeting, reopens a years-old debate among commissioners over whether Williamson Medical Center is an asset to the county, or should be sold for profit.

Because federal funds helped build the original hospital, the use of any profits from its sale would be restricted to healthcare. However, District 9 Commissioner Todd Kaestner said the commission has a “fiduciary responsibility” to fully understand options related to WMC.

On Monday, the commission will also consider amending Rule 3.6 of the commission’s Rules, Regulations and Procedures to increase the designated time for citizen communication during regular meetings from 15 minutes to 30.

This resolution, proposed by Commissioners Kathy Danner, Jeff Ford, Bubba Jones, Tommy Little and Barb Sturgeon, is similar to a policy revision currently underway for the Williamson County school board to extend its public comment time by the same amount.

If the commission approves, a committee will form to establish guidelines for appropriating funds to nonprofit organizations. Danner originated the proposal in light of the growing list of nonprofits that receive county funding.

The commission will also look at altering its set of rules and procedures to allow an annual commissioner retreat, to be held in compliance with open meeting laws and provide the governing body an opportunity to discuss county issues.

Ford came up with the retreat idea as well as a resolution, also on Monday’s agenda, to establish a county visioning committee that will determine long-term goals for Williamson County.

An agreement between the county and the city of Franklin will also come before the commission on Monday. If approved, the county will grant the city approximately 2.5 acres on Long Lane to construct a new fire station in exchange for city sewer services at the county Ag/Expo Park.

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