County Primary election certification delayed while commission enters voter data

County Primary election certification delayed while commission enters voter data

PHOTO: A crowd looks on at the Williamson County Administrative Building on election night, Tuesday, May 1, 2018.//Brooke Wanser


In an email sent to media Monday night, Williamson County election administrator Chad Gray said the election commission would defer certifying results from last week’s May primary until a complete list of voter names had been processed through the voter database.

Though the certification was originally scheduled for this Monday, election commission chair Robert Brown said he and the members of the commission made the decision to delay it after several candidates asked for voter information from the races.

“I can’t give it to them because we haven’t put all the data in the computers yet,” he said.

Certifying election results and inputting voter information into a database are two separate processes, Brown said. “This has nothing to do with the totals on the election.”

The election commission must manually enter voter information from a sheet that voters sign in on upon entering their precinct.

From election day, there are 7,713 voters, a little more than half of all who voted, who have to be entered into a database.

Though the ballot is secret, which primary someone voted in is public record, and can be used to target potential voters with mailers.

Gray said the issue goes back to party primary voting; prior to the primary, a meeting was held at the election commission to discuss potentially fraudulent voting of Democratic candidates in the Republican primary.

Gray also said the commission is nearing the finish of inputting voter data, as they are working on District 9 now.

Brown said candidates may seek voter information as soon as the information for their district or race has been completed.

Brown also pointed out that the results will still be certified within the statutes of legal limitations, which require the process to be completed by the third Monday after the election.

Originally scheduled for Monday, May 7, certification has been rescheduled to Monday, May 14 at 4 p.m.

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