Crossings Circle North bridge construction begins today, to be completed by Christmas

Crossings Circle North bridge construction begins today, to be completed by Christmas

Photo courtesy of the city of Spring Hill


Construction on the Crossings Circle North Bridge, which will see the Crossings shopping district on Main Street finally get a second entrance and exit, began construction early Tuesday morning. The project is estimated to be completed by December 5, just in time for residents to do some holiday shopping.

Considered a high priority for the city for years, the project will see a bridge constructed by the Olive Garden, connecting the Crossings to the already constructed road across Stephen P. Yokich Parkway, which intersects with Main Street next to the McDonald’s.

The Crossings is considered by many to be the heart of the city’s business, providing a one-stop shop solution for most of their needs. The largest issue with the shopping center? Most residents would say is its accessibility. The only entrance and exit to the shopping center is Crossings Boulevard, a 250-foot street that turns into a roundabout, often causing traffic congestion.

The roughly $1.89 million project is expected to greatly reduce congestion around Main Street and the Crossings.

Incidents like a recent school bus crash, which caused a complete standstill by blocking the Crossing’s only entrance and exit, illustrate the need for a second route through the shopping district.

City leaders were originally presented with multiple options on how to move forward with the project; whether to go with just the base project, or to include water lines and casing pipes for future development. After a lengthy discussion, city leaders eventually settled on the fully-featured option, that while adding  $176,624 to the total cost of the project, would arguably be much cheaper than implementing the additional features at a later date.

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