Developers of mixed-use golf community to host public open house at Eagle’s Rest Farm

Developers of mixed-use golf community to host public open house at Eagle’s Rest Farm

Developers of the proposed Two Farms at Thompson’s Station will hold an open house event at the farm of Gary and Portia Baker on Monday night.

Beacon Land Development is hosting an open house event at the farm of Gary and Portia Baker on Monday night and is inviting anyone who wants to learn more about the proposed 1,229-acre town center and golf community, Two Farms at Thompson’s Station.

The project to develop the land that is set to include a Tiger Woods-designed golf course will be discussed at a formal open forum at the Thompson’s Station Community Center on Tuesday night. But before that developers wanted to give the community an opportunity to see first-hand what is proposed, said Paul Pratt, a local investor from Franklin.

“On Tuesday it will be more of a formal meeting,” he said. “But on Monday night we just want to bring everyone out and say, ‘here is our plan, here’s what we want to do and we do want to be great neighbors.'”

Pratt said staff will be on hand to talk about what the developers are doing to alleviate various concerns raised since the resolution to annex the property first came before Thompson’s Station’s Board of Mayor and Alderman in November.

“We want as many people as possible to come onto the farm and get the lay of the land,” he said. “We’ll have stations set up so people can ask questions about traffic, the golf course, sewage treatment and the houses.”

“You can go to a station and say, ‘tell me about the sewage system. We just want people to understand that we want to work with everyone.'”

Pratt said the developers have already moved the location of the wastewater facility to an area where it won’t affect anyone. Throughout the board’s initial discussion on the proposed development, some of the more common concerns among the residents who live on Coleman Road near the north side of the planned development regarded traffic, the harmful effects on their rural way of life and a wastewater facility which would be built on the north end of the property near homes.

“We are diligent in our stewardship of the land where we build communities and we recognize that you share that pursuit,” wrote Beacon Land Development President Michael Abbot in his invitation to the open house. “The pastoral setting and rural lifestyle is what attracted us to the area, and we are intent upon those being pillars of our community.

“We think we have a thoughtful and innovative plan for Two Farms at Thompson’s Station, and we would love to share our vision with you.”

According to Pratt, there will be experts on traffic, wastewater treatment, engineers, builders and more to answer questions at the event.

The event is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 14 from 4-7 p.m. at Eagle’s Rest, 1350 King Lane in Franklin. The open forum is set to be held at the Thompson’s Station Community Center on Dec. 15 from 6:30-8 p.m.

The open house follows the Board of Mayor and Alderman’s approval of the resolution to annex 1,961.17 acres in anticipation of the new development.

The board is expected to vote on final approval for the ordinance to rezone the newly-annexed property into a Transect Community in order to allow for the kind of mixed-use residential development being presented.

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