District 61 race financial disclosures reveal candidates’ hefty loans, intense campaigning

District 61 race financial disclosures reveal candidates’ hefty loans, intense campaigning

PHOTO: All seven candidates in the District 61 race participated in a debate on Wednesday, July 11, 2018./Brooke Wanser


In the race to replace retiring Rep. Charles Sargent in State House District 61, candidates are spending heavily, second quarter financial disclosures reveal.

Republicans Gino Bulso and Brandon Ogles lead the pack in expenditures for the quarter, as the early voting period for the primary began last week.

Expenditures for candidates include print and web advertising, promotional campaign events, website costs, consulting services, and campaign workers.

In the second quarter, Bulso spent nearly $100,000 on his campaign, a large bulk of which went towards Marathon Strategies, an advertising and professional services company in Johnson City.

Likewise, Ogles spent over $105,000 in the same quarter, with $40,000 on Parlay Marketing Partners’ services and over $20,000 on Margin of Victory Partners, a political consulting firm for conservative candidates. He also spent several hundred dollars in postage from downtown Franklin’s Five Points US Postal Service office for campaign literature.

Candidate Terrence Smith, who ran for office in 2016 and 2017, has zero dollars in expenditure and loans for this period, and just $19.12 in contributions.

In the last election for the district, incumbent Sargent raised over $100,000 in contributions during the second quarter, spending $131,000, all without taking out loans.

Read more about the candidates below by clicking on their name, and click here to search individual candidate financial disclosure documents.

Attorney Gino Bulso, Republican

Contributions: $7,650

Loans: $40,000. *In total, Bulso has taken out $280,000 in loans for the campaign.

Expenditures: $99,330.97

State Executive Committeewoman Rebecca Ann Burke, Republican

Contributions: $4,149

Loans: $10,055.10

Expenditures: $36,119.27

County Commissioner Jeff Ford, Republican

Contributions: $5,675

Loans: $25,000

Expenditures: $31,976.20

County Commissioner Robert Hullett, Republican

Contributions: $7,486.89

Loans: $0

Expenditures: $5,757.84

Businessman Brandon Ogles, Republican

Contributions: $3,025

Loans: $0. *Ogles has $210,000 in outstanding loans from the race.

Expenditures: $105,561.45

Defense industry veteran Rebecca Purington, Democrat

Contributions: $9,425

Loans: $0

Expenditures: $5,484.41

Gastroenterologist Dr. Terrence Smith, Republican

Contributions: $19.12

Loans: $0

Expenditures: $0

The early voting period began Friday, July 13, and continues through July 28.

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