Education Committee discusses budgeting and report cards at Monday night’s meeting

Education Committee discusses budgeting and report cards at Monday night’s meeting


During a brief meeting Monday evening in the Williamson County Administrative Complex Conference Room, the Williamson County Education Committee went over previous budgets during the school year.

“This is the end of the school year, so we’re moving money and making sure we have the right money in the right accounts,” said Dr. Mike Looney, Superintendent of Williamson County Schools.

Worker’s compensation claims were higher than expected this year. “That happens normally in our line of work. There were no serious injuries, but the claims were higher,” said Looney.

There were other unexpected fees as well.

“The trustees commission came in a little bit higher than anticipated,” said Looney. He continued, “It’s not an additional expense, we’re just transferring the money back to the county for the trustee commission. That’s a product of the tax collections coming in stronger than we thought. The tax is such that the city gets portions of the county tax back with the intended purpose for it to be for school infrastructure.”

Overall it was a good financial year for the school system, however, the committee is considering taking a different financial approach in the future.

“We have to think differently about how we fund some of these projects moving forward and working with developers,” said Looney.

The committee also confirmed that school report cards will be available on June 6.

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