ELECTION 2018: District 3 County Commission primary

ELECTION 2018: District 3 County Commission primary

PHOTO: District three covers a small part of southern Williamson County, mostly in Spring Hill. / Map from the Williamson County Elections Commission.


On May 1, residents of Williamson County will decide which candidates the Democratic and Republican parties will support for County Commission in the general election next August.

Each district in the county has two representatives on the County Commission who serve four year terms.

In district three, a former Spring Hill alderman is running as a Republican. He’s hoping to replace one of the two current Republican commissioners.

Keith Hudson

Earlier this year Keith Hudson ended his term as an alderman in Spring Hill, and now he’s running as a Republican for County Commission. He’s hoping he can use the relationships he formed as an alderman to represent the people living in district three, which covers the part of Spring Hill in Williamson County.

“There is a need for the citizens of Spring Hill to have a voice on the County Commission from someone that the experience of bridging the gap between the county, city and state governmental institutes,” he said.

He said funding public schools and building new roads were some of the most important problems that the county commission will have to deal with. Another one of his goals is to continue providing recreation opportunities for youth in the County.

He works as a logistics manager for Ryder. He has lived in Williamson County with his wife Pamela for 23 years. He has four children.

Jennifer Mason

Jennifer Mason is already a County Commissioner in district three, but she never actually ran for the office. When the former commissioner Matt Milligan moved away from Spring Hill the County Commission appointed Mason to fill his spot for the rest of the term.

Now, she’s hoping to get elected to that office. She’s running as a republican.

Mason is an assistant district attorney for Tennessee’s 21st judicial district, which includes Williamson, Hickman, Lewis and Perry Counties. She specializes in prosecuting crimes against children, and she’s hoping that her background with the judicial system will help her support law enforcement in the county.

“There’s a huge focus on schools, which is great,” she said. “But there are also other parts of the county and I’ve got a good understanding of our judicial, legal, law enforcement side as well.”

She wants the county to grow responsibly while providing high quality education, and she hopes that the county can hire and retain great law enforcement officers.

She has lived in Williamson County since 2006. She is married to Cory Mason and has a son in kindergarten in Williamson County Schools.

David Pair

As a county commissioner, David Pair said it’s part of his job to give the people his district information about the issues so that they know what’s happening in county government. He is finishing up his first term on the County Commission, and he’s running again as a Republican.

He hosted several public meetings at the Longview Recreation Center to talk about transportation and property reappraisals, and he thinks that’s a good way for people in Spring Hill to make their voice heard.

“Trying to connect people with information is very important,” he said. “That’s one thing I’m trying to stress: being a resource for the residents.”

In addition to keeping people informed, he said it will be important for the county to find a way to fund the schools. He said the recent sales tax is one step towards that goal, but the county still needs to find more money in the future.

As a commissioner, he’s hoping to improve the relationship between the School Board and the County Commission. He would like the school board to give the commission a little more advanced warning about building projects to make it easier to find funding.

At his day job, he is a legislative liaison for the Tennessee Housing Development Agency, and has lived in Williamson County for eight years. He is married to J.J. Pair and has three kids.

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