Family of homicide victim asks for the public’s help

Family of homicide victim asks for the public’s help

Samantha Woodson is asking the public to help find the person who killed her nephew. //  Photo by Matt Blois


Trevor Armstrong spent the last Christmas of his life dodging foam darts as his family ran around the house shooting Nerf guns.

Armstrong used a wheelchair, so it was hard for him to get away. But his aunt Samantha Woodson said he always had a good attitude about it.

“He would always fall,” she said. “He wouldn’t even get upset about it. He would laugh with us and resort to crawling.”

That’s the way she wants to remember Armstrong, laughing and having fun with his family.

Armstrong was killed last August. He was found shot to death in a driveway in a rural area west of Spring Hill. Armstrong lived in Columbia and couldn’t drive because of his disability. It’s a mystery how he got there.

After several months of investigating, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department still hasn’t found the person who killed him. Now, Armstrong’s family is asking the public to help. Investigators want to know how he got there and why he was there in the first place.

“We need to know how … how he got to the rural community,” said detective Melissa Colvin, who is investigating the murder. “It’s not somewhere that he’s familiar with. It’s not somewhere he would have driven to. We need to find whoever drove him to that location and why.”

At the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week, Armstrong’s family all wore red Ralph Lauren shirts — the same style shirt he was buried in.

Woodson described her nephew as someone who smiled a lot and could make her laugh. Now, she’s helping to raise his young daughter, who she says has the same smile.

“He didn’t live the type of lifestyle where this would happen,” she said.

Armstrong’s family and investigators are still trying to piece together what happened, and they’re hoping that telling their story will encourage people to come forward with more details. Colvin said that trying to track down details about the murder has been exhausting for everyone involved.

“There’s not way they can heal with me texting them every two weeks,” she said.

Woodson wants to find the person who murdered her nephew. She thinks it will bring some peace not only to her family, but to the whole community where Armstrong lived. But she also just wants to know what happened.

“I want to know what, honestly, could it have been that you had to shoot him,” she said. “Why did they have to resort to murder? With his disability it’s not like he could have hurt you anyway.”

Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest. That’s a higher reward than the organization normally offers.

Anyone with information about this crime should call Colvin at 615-790-5554 extension 3238. If callers want to remain anonymous they can call Crime Stoppers at 615-794-4000.

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