FH Design Creates a Cozy Clubhouse For the Hideaway at Arrington

FH Design Creates a Cozy Clubhouse For the Hideaway at Arrington


Most Nashville residents go to Arrington to enjoy wine tasting at the vineyard.

But if you want to call Arrington home, there’s a secluded community known as the Hideaway at Arrington about a mile south of the vineyards that offers luxury living among the rolling hills. Home prices start at the mid-$700,000s and many of the lots are still in development. However, there are homes currently available for purchase.

The Hideaway at Arrington features an 18-hole golf course, a resort-style pool, tennis courts, a fitness center and spa, and a spacious (but temporary) clubhouse. The permanent clubhouse is currently under construction, so local design firm, FH Design, stepped in to create a temporary space that reflects the secluded escape the Hideaway at Arrington aims to be.

Co-founded by Marjorie Feltus Hawkins in 1990, FH Design worked on the temporary clubhouse for two years and the project earned the firm an Honorable Mention for Clubhouse of the Year in Golf Inc.Magazine. Marjorie, as well as colleague Daniella Gatlin, shared more with us about the new project and what else FH Design is working on.

How did you get hired to do work at The Hideaway at Arrington?

We were referred to the project by KemperSports, who we worked with on the Governors Club in Brentwood. Their team saw our ability to understand club design and thought we would be a perfect fit for the new temporary Clubhouse at The Hideaway at Arrington. The company that owns the project is based in California and was already leaning toward using an out-of-state firm. So when our team developed the vision book for this project, we tried to convey how we were connected to the beautiful area surrounding the building and that helped us win the project.   

FH Design used natural materials throughout the clubhouse

What were your goals/vision for this project?

Our vision for the Hideaway project was to create a secluded community nestled in the rolling hills of Franklin. We wanted the design to take you away from hustle and bustle of Nashville and into a sweet, relaxing lifestyle. We wanted it to feel like an embodiment of the property’s name – a true hideaway. 

Where did you get the inspiration for this design?

The inspiration for this project was the gorgeous landscape behind the Clubhouse. It is surrounded by rolling, natural hills so our design mimicked this simplicity with clean simple lines, raw materials such as stone and woods, and a gentle natural color scheme. The space exudes an extreme sense of openness with lots of natural lighting and an overall minimalistic feeling.

the restrooms feature white quartz to add a modern touch

What is your personal favorite feature or part of the design?

(Marjorie) My favorite part of the design is how we creatively used wood in the space. Wood was used in the bar then carried over into the restrooms to reinforce the natural environment that inspired the whole design of the space.

(Daniella) My personal favorite feature is the restrooms because they are so unique. The tile on the vanity carries a Southern sophistication while the white quartz brings a modern touch to the space.

How would you describe the style of the design for this project?

The style of this project is contemporary rustic with a simplistic feel. We took a “less is more” approach because we wanted the gorgeous views to be the main focus. 

FH Design chose a natural color scheme for the clubhouse

What was the biggest challenge while working on this project?

The biggest challenge was the budget. We were working on a budget of $1 million that included construction, design and everything in between. Our challenge was to make it look high-end without a big price tag. Every project has a budget, but our team can make nearly any project look upscale without compromising the budget and design.

Are there are other projects FH Design is currently working on that you’d like to share?

We are working on a variety of interesting projects! Our team is involved in the renovation of the historic downtown Noelle Hotel, the new multi-family complex 909 Flats, Hilton Suites in Brentwood, and The Bailey Southwell Corporate Office, also located in Brentwood.


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