"Field of Dreams" auto supplier proposal could bring 134 jobs to Spring Hill

"Field of Dreams" auto supplier proposal could bring 134 jobs to Spring Hill


An automotive supplier may begin construction in Spring Hill in the coming months, and will reportedly create 134 new jobs for the city, with an average salary of $42,000.

The project is code named the “Field of Dreams,” and was proposed Monday night in front of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. President of Maury County Chamber & Economic Alliance Wil Evans has partnered with the Spring Hill Office of Economic Development for this project.

“This is project Field of Dreams,” Evans said. “This is an automotive supplier looking to locate on Cleburne Road near Beechcroft Road. They are looking to construct 145,000 square foot facility that will employ 134 individuals with an average wage of $42,000.”

Evans also requested a tax abatement from the Board of Mayor and Alderman for a period of five years. A tax abatement is a reduction of taxes granted by the government to encourage economic development. Assistant City Administrator Chuck Downham says this is commonly requested from similar projects, and that the project is “going to be good all around.”

“It’s broadening our employment base,” Downham said. “It’s adding another key supplier component to the General Motors plant. Local businesses are going to benefit from that.”

In addition to the potential job growth, Evans said, according to their calculations, that for every dollar the city would contribute through tax abatement or other means, the city would make back that amount more than three times over. The project still has to be approved by the Planning Commission before more concrete dates can be set regarding construction.

City Administrator Victor Lay is also optimistic about the project, and believes it could begin construction soon.

“They’ll have to get past the Planning Commission first, so they’ll be a couple months involved in that,” Lay said. “I’m thinking it’s probably going to be 70 to 90 days, at least, before they can begin construction.”

Lay was also pleased with the return the city would make from the economic development.

“It’s additional job creation, and they’re reasonably well-paying jobs,” Lay said. “Independant calculation shows it was about a 3.89 the value of any benefits the city would provide him. So every dollar invested by us from either a tax abatement or something like that, was offset 3.89 times back to us.”

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