Formerly in Foodland, Miss Daisy’s Kitchen will move to Hillsboro center off Mack Hatcher

Formerly in Foodland, Miss Daisy’s Kitchen will move to Hillsboro center off Mack Hatcher

Daisy King next to a section of her prepared foods inside the recently shuttered Foodland, in January of 2018/ Photo by Brooke Wanser.


When Grassland’s Foodland grocery store closed earlier this year, many wondered what would become of Miss Daisy’s Kitchen, a gourmet food section within the store.

Helmed by the “First Lady of Southern Cooking,” Daisy King, the gourmet food store will continue on in the center at the northeast corner of Hillsboro Road and Mack Hatcher Parkway.

According to King, who originally hoped to remain in the Battlewood Shopping Center near Foodland, the new location, “fell into my lap.”

“The door has been opened for me so I can open the doors for other people to put food in their refrigerators,” she said. A temporary sign advertising the new location will go up this week.

King said she felt like she was still in Grassland at the new spot, less than five miles away on Hillsboro Road. “I’ll still service all my special, special friends from Grassland,” she said. “I just think it’s a win for everybody.”

King signed her lease on February 9, and informed her friends on Facebook of the move on Saturday.

Though King previously said she was interested in selling wine to pair with her other gourmet foods, she will not immediately apply for a liquor license out of respect for Corner Wine and Spirits, located in the same center.

Miss Daisy’s Kitchen will have specialty tastings the week of the re-opening, and King plans to carry local farmers’ produce and dairy.

King became a local legend after moving to the Nashville area in the 1960s to attend Belmont University.

She worked as a media spokesperson with food companies like Pillsbury, before transitioning to creating gourmet food sections for stores like Harris Teeter and Kroger. King opened her own market inside Grassland’s Foodland in 2004.

La Hacienda Mexican restaurant, Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery, Regions Bank and Mac’s Harpeth Bikes are a few of King’s new neighbors, and she is excited to share the center with them.

Mac McCade, the bike shop owner who has been in the center since 2010, said he was excited for King’s move.

He believes King’s business will bring stability to the space that has housed a Cajun seafood restaurant and a Chinese restaurant in recent years.

“I’m looking forward to have a thousand more people every week coming into the shopping center,” he said, noting King’s wide following.

“There’s that saying that all ships rise in the harbor. If she brings some business in here, that helps everybody.”

Miss Daisy’s Kitchen will re-open in its new location by the end of the month. Check back with the Home Page soon for more details.

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