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It’s rare to associate bright hues and colors with the winter season, unless it’s red and green.

Most homeowners feel that décor must err on the side of safety: browns, taupes, grays and whites.

However, expert interior designer and showroom manager at Ellen Sherwood Design, Chris Carlisle begs to differ.

Quartz comes in a variety of colors and textures. // CAMBRIA USA

“This season will be full of bright hues and color … the brightest winter ever!” Carlisle said.

She also said the most reached-for colors this season are bright blues and greens. Using shades of these two colors — sea foam, aqua, teal or sage — as pops of color in your winter home will update any room.

Sadly, for some, the beloved all-white trend is taking a seat.

“Keep in mind, all white kitchens are on their way out,” she said, “as well as the use of subway tile and granite.”

Granite has been a coveted material used in bathrooms and kitchens for quite long time as it’s natural and comes in many different colors and patterns. However, Carlisle is seeing a huge switch in customer preference as of late.

Pops of color are popular, and tile is a good way to get it. // CHRIS CARLISLE

“Quartz is the best option for counter tops, as it is extremely functional, affordable and offers many exquisite design options,” she said.

The reason quartz is so desirable is due to its versatile appearance. Matching your color scheme is an easier process with quartz because there is much less variance. You know what your design will look like without the worry that you could have with granite and marble slabs. Keep in mind, quartz is from earth’s natural resources and only five percent is binder. This composition makes quartz more durable than granite.

What’s the best quartz design you ask?

“If you’re looking for cutting edge quartz design, look no further than Cambria, USA,” Carlisle said. “This is my favorite go-to quartz line, as Cambria leads the way in innovative designs throughout the year.”

She said at Ellen Sherwood Design, you will see variety of quartz in jumbo slabs, perfect for large islands and seamless installations along with many other stone, tile and cabinet offerings. Ellen Sherwood Design is full service for all of your kitchen and bath remodeling or new construction needs.

Painted cabinets make a bold statement that white alone cannot. //CHRIS CARLISLE

Carlisle said she is seeing a lot of texture and patterns, along with colorful painted finishes and bleached woods this season.

Bleached and distressed wood in the home brings new life into an area. Adding textured wood finishes throughout your home, whether it’s floors, cabinets or furniture will add depth and interest without compromising its beautiful look.

In terms of appliances, Carlisle said up and coming sink styles will include hand carved stone, colorful ceramic and porcelain. In term of hardware, popular decorative options continue to be shiny brass, matte gold and rose gold. Custom furnishings such as these are easy to find and install and bring a fresh look to any room.

This winter is about keeping the basics, but adding attention-grabbing details to embellish the natural beauty of your home. Keep it simple and bright.

For more information about Ellen Sherwood Design, visit their website or call (615) 376-6122 and ask for Chris Carlisle. The store and showroom is located at 7106 Crossroads Blvd., Suite 222 in Brentwood, Tennessee. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays by appointment.

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