Give the unique gift of tile and mosaics with Ellen Sherwood Design

Give the unique gift of tile and mosaics with Ellen Sherwood Design


With the holidays on the edge of commencing, many will begin to scramble for inventive gifts that send the perfect, warm message of “I care.”

For parents and spouses, the gift giving gets especially tricky. Finding a personalized gift with meaning seems to have run out many moons ago. That’s where Ellen Sherwood Design steps in.

Tiling and mosaics are classy and beautiful if done the right way, but dated and tacky if done wrong. Ellen Sherwood Design makes sure that with every design they commit to, it is polished, current, tasteful and impeccably installed.

Whether tiling in the kitchen is damaged or dingy, you’re interested in replacing old carpeting or wood floors, or your master bathroom needs a refresh, Ellen Sherwood Design has the fix. According to their website, they use materials “that have been designed to last by some of the industry’s leading manufacturers.”

Along with the guaranteed durability comes the promise that it will absolutely fit your home (or significant other’s) aesthetic appeal. They have expert interior designers that can help craft any tile pattern or mosaic.

Not many presents will be able to beat the customized, long lasting gift of a new mosaic do decorate the place you value most.

For more information on pricing and Ellen Sherwood Design, visit their website or call (615) 376-6122. The store and showroom is located at 7106 Crossroads Boulevard in Cool Springs. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays by appointment.

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