Historic Ferguson Hall proposed to become a hotel as part of development with residential living, restaurant and retail space

Historic Ferguson Hall proposed to become a hotel as part of development with residential living, restaurant and retail space

PHOTO: Design documents show an overhead view of the proposed mixed-use development project proposed to be built on the Tennessee Children’s Home property. / Photo courtesy of the city of Spring Hill


A new mixed-use development project consisting 102 acres worth of retail, office, restaurant, hotel, residential and assisted-living space, all proposed to be built on Main Street, was discussed Monday night during the Spring Hill Planning Commission’s non-voting meeting.

Proposed to be built on the Tennessee Children’s Home property on the eastern corner of Main Street and Kedron Road, the project has a potential build-out period of ten or more years. The developer of the project, Catalyst Design Group, has requested from the city a review of its planned development concept plan.

Alderman Matt Fitterer called the proposal “a huge redevelopment,” and seemed cautiously optimistic about the project. His cautiousness is understandable as a similar, grandiose project failed to come to fruition on the property years earlier.

The project is outlined to be developed in four phases, generally moving east to west, towards Main Street. The first two phases would see the development of 132 single family homes, 108 townhomes, 40 residential cottages, 315 apartment units and 100 assisted-living units.

The third phase would include the majority of the 130,000 square feet of retail and office space, 20,000 square feet of restaurant space, and a hotel being designed in conjunction with the historic Ferguson Hall. This phase would be developed on the westernmost portion of the property, right up against Main Street.

“Ferguson Hall will be restored, and then it’d be encapsulated with a new building – collectively, it would be a hotel,” Fitterer said. “The lobby of the hotel would be Ferguson Hall, and then the rooms would be the new buildings.”

The fourth and final phase of the project would be developed just east of the third phase, and include another hotel of roughly the same size and capacity, 69,000 square feet of corporate office space, additional retail and restaurant space, and additional residential development.

Both Aldermen Fitterer and James Golias expressed the importance of walkability to the developer during the meeting, as the project’s site is designated as a downtown and city center area in the city’s comprehensive plan. Per the comprehensive plan, downtown and city center designations are characterized as having “a compact, walkable environment typical of town centers.”

Some amenities outlined in the project include a community park fronting the existing lake, which the applicant expressed would be open to the public and not just the residential development, pedestrian trails alongside Kedron Road, multiple green spaces, and a swimming pool for the multi-family portion of the development.

The sale of the property from the Tennessee Children’s Home to Catalyst Design Group is not finalized as of yet, and will be contingent on the project’s continued success and approvals with the city. Once the sale is finalized, the Tennessee Children’s Home will continue to operate on the property for two years, while consecutively seeking a new location to continue operations elsewhere in the city.

As Ferguson Hall is designated as a piece of historic property, the applicant will meet with the city’s historic commission on March 7 to further discuss its preservation, as well as other details on the project in its entirety.

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