HOME SWEET HOME: Five cleaning tips for the new year

HOME SWEET HOME: Five cleaning tips for the new year


Instead of trying to form an entire list of New Year’s resolutions, we want to recommend that you try clearing out the most important space (besides your mind) to start the year off right: your home. An organizational overhaul can seem daunting, but with these five steps, it’s sure to be the easiest resolution you complete all year long.

  1. Clear it out—purge your clutter!

After the holiday season, often times your home is more cluttered than ever before. New gifts and candy lay strewn all over the house. After running from a Christmas party to the mall for your last-minute gifts, things start to build up. As a starting point, take inventory of things you have not used over the last year. If you ask yourself that question and the answer is no, get rid of it! Many household items and clothing can be donated to your local thrift store or Goodwill.

  1. Prioritize seasonal clothing

On the subject of purging, put away any winter clothes that you haven’t yet worn this season. This will free up quite a bit of space in your home. Pack away the two sweaters that have been hanging in the back of your closet and put the coat that you haven’t yet worn back in the attic.

  1. Rearrange your rooms

Nothing will change your organizational mindset like a rearranged room. Try the couch on the other side of the room, turn your bed catty corner, or add a new end table or ottoman to an open space.

  1. Make a cleaning schedule

New Year’s resolutions can be hard, but a step in the right direction is to set up a simple, weekly cleaning schedule. Designate an hour for laundry and dishes and certain days of the week to clean certain rooms. For example, clean the kitchen on Mondays, living room Wednesdays and bathrooms on Fridays. Focusing your energy in small doses and throughout the week will keep your momentum strong all year long.

  1. Recycle

There’s sure to be a lot of extra wrapping paper, torn up tissue and boxes lying around come January. Instead of throwing it all in the trash, recycle it! This will also help jumpstart recycling of all kinds in the new year.

Check back here soon for more home tips and tricks.

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