HOME SWEET HOME: Keep your home pet-friendly with these simple fixes

HOME SWEET HOME: Keep your home pet-friendly with these simple fixes


For most pet owners, cats, dogs, and other sweet creatures are just like family members. As their guardians, it is pet owners’ responsibility to provide a home where they can run and play safely. This safety needs to extend to the outdoors as well.

Below, State Farm experts have come up with a few ways to keep your home and yard as pet-friendly as possible.

While you cook and eat

  • Use garbage cans with lids that close securely or lock, and keep the lids closed.
  • Install child locks on lower cabinet doors.
  • Store cleaning supplies and chemicals on upper shelves.
  • Be aware of foods that can be poisonous to animals: grapes, raisins, chocolate and coffee grounds, among others.

As you clean up

  • Keep toilet lids closed.
  • Be sure that all medications, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, dryer sheets and other chemicals are out of reach.
  • Store sharp objects, such as razors, up high.
  • Close doors on dryers and washers.

Where you live and play

  • Move or cover electrical cords that could be chewed.
  • Pick up children’s toys; small parts could be choking hazards, and batteries are toxic if eaten.
  • Keep plants out of reach. Aloe vera, philodendron and others can be toxic to animals.

Out of the house

  • Store sharp tools, chemicals and fertilizers high up.
  • Clean up spilled or leaked antifreeze; even small amounts are very toxic to animals.
  • Unplug and put away any power tools.

In your yard

  • Check and repair fence boards that may be loose.
  • Bury chicken wire to prevent pets from digging or escaping under fence boards.
  • If you spray the yard with chemicals, fertilizers or herbicides, look for pet-safe options and/or follow manufacturer’s directions.
  • Consider barriers around flower beds, vegetable gardens and open water areas such as swimming pools.

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