HOME SWEET HOME: Organize your home with ease

HOME SWEET HOME: Organize your home with ease


Sometimes, organizing your home feels like a constant revolving door; there are always things to sort through, pick up, put away or throw out. Although organizing will never be a one-time task, we’ve come up with a few ways to make it easier, more efficient and a little more fun.

Clean first, organize second

Despite the fact that they go hand in hand, cleaning before organizing is very important. Who wants to organize in a dirty house? You’ll be more motivated to organize once the dishes are done, counters are wiped down and floors are swept.

Start big

To prevent becoming overwhelmed and overworked, start with large piles of things that need to be organized. Whether it be clothing, kids toys, Tupperware or books, putting things in big, unorganized piles can actually relieve some of your stress by showing you exactly what you need to sort through. Slowly but surely, you can break these large piles into smaller groups. This will make putting items in their correct place a breeze.

Stay in one room

One mistake that many people make when trying to organize is jumping back and forth between too many rooms to get the job done. Although it may seem more efficient to move from room to room quickly, rather than spend an hour sitting in one spot, you will find that if you just buckle down and tackle that one space, it leaves a lot more energy and head space to get the next room in order.

Distract/ treat yourself

Cleaning can be very mundane unless you’re a cleaning addict. So, in order to make it more fun, put on the latest show you’ve been binge watching or a Spotify playlist to dance to. Distracting yourself a little bit while organizing is necessary—this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Be strategic

If in the past, you have found that your home becomes disorganized in a very short amount of time, try organizing differently this time. Be very mindful of where you are putting things. For example, if you used to put all your sweaters in the top of your closet, but you find that they always fall down or end up on the floor after a week or two, try putting them in one of your dresser drawers. Make sure to put things that you or your family members reach for often in easy-to-access, open spaces.

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