HOME SWEET HOME: Perfect time to build a pool

HOME SWEET HOME: Perfect time to build a pool

Although pool season is quickly coming to a close, pool construction is available year-round.

If you’re looking for the perfect time to have a pool installed, the time is now. Many people start thinking about construction when it starts getting warm again outside, March or April. However, if you start digging now, you’ll be swimming by spring.

There are a few things to consider when deciding on when, where and how to build a pool.

Is your yard pool proof?

For just swimming, you can get away with a very small space. However, if the pool is for a family, likely, you’ll want a larger pool with more depth. To determine the right size, think about examples you like and most importantly a size that allows for maximum safety.

If you have smaller children or want an area of the pool to relax in, having a pool with a shallow space for sitting or lounging that gradually slopes into the deep end, is nice. This is called a beach entry and requires a long pool, with 9″ or 18″ lounges with steps down to the 3.5 foot shallow end, Heather Crawford of Clearwater Pools in Brentwood says.

Then, you will need to check with your City Hall to obtain any required building permits.

When to build

Next, as stated above, it is important to build at the right time. Although fall and winter are unpopular times for swimming, they are the best times for construction. As it gets colder, builders are more available and prices are lower.

Set a budget

Not only will you need to set a specific amount for your pool construction, but you need to also account for monthly costs once it is built. Make sure to research your builder’s total costs and find affordable options when it comes to monthly cleaners, chemicals and pool accessories.

Find a reliable contractor and maintenance company

Make sure to work with a builder that sees the vision the same way you do and is reputable and hardworking.

Check to verify that the contractor is licensed, ask for referrals and don’t rush your decision. It is also crucial to visit the store to get to know the faces behind the company. Lastly, finding a company, such as Clearwater Pools, that offers construction services, maintenance, sanitation services and repairs is important.

This article was brought to you by Clearwater Pools.

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