How many now live in Brentwood? Census cards are in the mail

How many now live in Brentwood? Census cards are in the mail


The City of Brentwood planned to mail out census cards Friday to 14,300 residential addresses within the city limits of Brentwood, launching a 2018 Special Census.

censusThe goal is to determine how many residents now live in the city compared to the population during the last Special Census, conducted in 2015. The additional residents mean more state-shared revenue, distributed to local governments based on population.

Each resident is asked to provide the first and last name of every person living at their address. College students who temporarily live at college or grandparents who also live at the Brentwood home should also be counted.

The 2018 Special Census is different from the federal census in that the State of Tennessee requires that the only information collected is each resident’s name and address.  No income or other demographic data is requested.

Current projections suggest that Brentwood’s population has increased since the 2015 Special Census, when the population was 40,401. Without a locally conducted special census, the State of Tennessee only recognizes the last certified population number. This means that any additional revenue the City of Brentwood would receive by virtue of its actual population is lost until it conducts its own Special Census.

Residents may also visit the City’s website to complete the form online.

“Your participation in helping us to accurately count the number of residents in our city will mean that we receive the proper amount of state-shared revenue based on population, which lessens our dependency on your property taxes to fund important city services. It is a win-win for you as a taxpayer and your city government,” said Brentwood Mayor Jill Burgin.

Cards will be mailed Friday, Aug. 11, and are due Friday, Sept. 1.  Please submit the information online or return cards in the prepaid envelope provided. For those households that do not respond, the city will follow up with additional census cards and in-person visits from planning and codes and fire department personnel.

Anyone with questions regarding the 2018 Special Census can call the City of Brentwood Planning Department at 615-371-2204, visit their website, or email

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