Learn the best food to pack for hiking trips during free backpacking food class Tuesday

Learn the best food to pack for hiking trips during free backpacking food class Tuesday


Spring Hill and its surrounding areas are packed-full of excellent spots for hiking enthusiasts, but even the most experienced hiker won’t last long on just a backpack full of granola bars and bananas.

This is where local hiking experts James Bearden and Becky Bean come in, holding a free class on how to best prepare for those long treks in the wilderness at 6 p.m. on Tuesday at the Longview Recreation Center.

“On a typical day, a hiker can burn 6,000 to 8,000 calories a day,” Bearden said. “It’s a completely different mindset of meal intake than a normal day at the office, so to speak. What we’ve got to do is find out the highest concentration of calories, while maintaining a light weight [food supply].”

Bearden and Bean will go over the most efficient supplies to bring on long hikes, including no-cook meals, the healthiest and best energy-supplying snacks, and even some original recipes and meals – all easy on the bank.

When it comes to the hiking trails themselves, there’s plenty to choose from nearby. Alexander Trail in Thompson’s Station is a moderate-intensity trail just off Main Street, that takes hikers through thick woods along the side of a foothill. Preservation Park, another hiking spot in Thompson’s Station, features multiple trails through the woods, with a spectacular view at the beginning atop a large hill.

The class is free to attend, though interested persons are encourage to pre-register for the event. Those interested are encourage to contact Chase Cribbs at 615-302-0971, extension 2214.

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