LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Coach never sought “pay to play”

To the Editor:
As a parent of a former high school student athlete who has had several years of experience training under the guidance of Coach Guy Avery, I would like to have my voice heard.
On February 16, 2017, shorty after I first heard of the alleged “pay to play “ complaint against Guy Avery concerning Brentwood High School cross country and track, I wrote to the WCS Superintendent and other members of the WCS Administration including the county athletic director  to voice my objection to the  “pay to play” complaint as did numerous other families. I shared how that my son, as a freshman , was a member of the varsity cross country team at Brentwood High School, ran in the state championship meet that year,  and we were not paying for any coach.
 I expressed that it was not until the following spring that we chose to ask Guy Avery if he would train our son on a more in depth level because our son wanted to become a better runner.
Coach Avery challenged my son to become the best athlete he could be which included  challenging my son to be responsible for himself and always prepared for training sessions and races. If a race did not go as well as planned, Coach Avery always implored my son to figure out what he could have done differently either in preparation or during the race to achieve a better outcome. Guy Avery believed in my son and his potential as a runner.  The world of running is Guy Avery’s passion and his dedication to helping athletes achieve their goals is unmatched.
Guy Avery coaches runners because he loves the sport and loves to help athletes accomplish their goals. Avery has always willing to give training advise to athletes who he did not train. I can speak from personal experience that Guy Avery never approached my family and asked for money at any time. We reached out and asked him if he would be our son’s private coach simply because our son had a desire to take his running level higher. It was our choice.
Deborah H. Lee

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