LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Constituents’ opinions of no concern

To the Editor:

As a first time town hall attendee preparing for Congressman Marsha Blackburn’s event in Fairview, Tennessee, this week, my greatest fear was not stuttering if called on to ask a question, it was, in fact, that meeting Blackburn would somehow change my opinion of her.

Would her handshake and warm hello charm me? Would her way with words reveal a worthy intellect? Would her thoughtful responses make me doubt my conviction that she doesn’t really care for representing all of her constituents?

After her callous brush off of a concerned mother’s question on HR 610 and obvious distaste for a Planned Parenthood advocate’s personal medical story, I knew I was wrong to have worried. Blackburn is utterly devoid of charm, lacking in compassion, and dogged in her conviction that constituents’ concerns bear no weight on her actions. As she said, “We may not always agree, but you’ll always know where I stand.”

I ask my fellow District 7 citizens to absorb the abundant coverage of this week’s events and ask themselves whether or not Blackburn is still right for us. And I challenge the moderate Republicans, independents, and yes, even Democrats serving in our county and city governments to consider how they could do better than her starting in 2018. I suspect that at least 100 town hall attendees are prepared to support you all the way to victory.

Ashley Briggs

Brentwood 37027

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