LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Duda makes local government work well

To the Editor:

When it comes to electing a city Aldermen, one question seems to permeate the conversation: Is it better to elect someone new, with fresh ideas? Or is it better to re-elect someone with experience and institutional knowledge?

My experience has been that the best representation generally comes from having a Board of Alderman made up of a mixture of both.

However, there are those few individuals who, even after years of public service, only seem to get better. They possess both the passion and creativity to think outside the box; and the understanding of how to get things done. They are rare. But Spring Hill has one in Jonathan Duda.

As a County Commissioner, I often work with city aldermen to discuss ideas that will hopefully make Williamson County an even better place to live. I can tell you that Jonathan Duda is someone who keeps a watchful eye out for Spring Hill. You can always expect that he has done his homework and that he will be fighting for Spring Hill. You can also always trust that he will act with integrity, honor, and thoughtfulness.

Jonathan Duda was one of the few elected officials in Williamson County to come out against Jeremy Durham. A lot of folks warned Jonathan about taking such a stand on principle; but Jonathan is a man of principle, and he knew what was at stake for Spring Hill and its traffic woes if Jeremy were to be re-elected.

On several occasions, Jonathan has called me late into the evening to discuss items important to the citizens of Spring Hill. In fact, I don’t know an Alderman who works harder or is more focused on what matters most to their constituents. He clearly understands the complexities of what it takes to make local government work well; and he has the leadership capabilities to pull people together and make things happen.

I can’t imagine Spring Hill without Alderman Jonathan Duda.

It is an honor to endorse Jonathan Duda for Spring Hill Alderman.


Brian Beathard

Williamson County Commissioner

11th District

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