LETTER TO THE EDITOR: They wrote song to help save Fire Belle

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: They wrote song to help save Fire Belle

To the Editor:

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed Project Fire Belle!

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed Project Fire Belle!

Blair Morgan and myself had developed a friendship shortly after my move to Spring Hill. I had decided to make a move to the area for my family and my business as many have been doing for the small community, Williamson County Schools, and the growing arts in this area.

Out of my growing friendship with Blair, she became aware of my work and my company, Sabre Music Entertainment. One evening she was telling me about her desire along with others to rally citizens to restore an old historic fire truck that Spring Hill still had.

Hearing her treasured stories in remembrance of “Fire Belle” and the volunteer firemen of Spring Hill was heartwarming to say the least. Their goal to save a piece of Spring Hill history in this fast-growing town, and hopes of it becoming a symbol of the old and the new, and a means to teach history and fire safety in the community – well, it didn’t take long for me to gain interest.

Blair began talking about writing a song for Fire Belle, and I said yes. I have lived in Music City for 20 years and have seen many changes, and working in the music industry I know how much a song can have a positive effect on people.

Writing a song for Fire Belle would be a great way to get the word out and let them know about the importance of the project. I then contacted a music friend of mine, Neil Ebanks, to help my company with the project. Hearing Blair’s stories of growing up Spring Hill, meeting some of the volunteer firemen and Spring Hill’s finest, we had no difficulties writing the song.

It was so well received we knew we needed to do a music video as well. The film story was written, the locations were found, and the cast was chosen. Not only does Spring Hill have a large amount of musicians and actors, but we decided we wanted to use all local people anyway.

The film shoots began and continued all around town. I have never in my life enjoyed doing the work I do as much as I have enjoyed working on this project. The volunteers on this project are some of the sweetest and hardest-working people I’ve met.

I am so happy to play a part of saving a piece of my own town’s history.

Ricky Lynne

Sabre Music Enterainment

Spring Hill


Editor’s note: The Fire Belle video will debut at Summerfest Movies in the Park on July 25. Donations to save the historic Fire Belle may be made at projectfirebelle.org.

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