Mark Green rallies support at the Brentwood Library on Election Day

Mark Green rallies support at the Brentwood Library on Election Day

Photo by Alexander Willis


Republican congressional candidate Mark Green stopped by the Brentwood Library Tuesday morning to view the enthusiasm and record-breaking turnout on election day.

With early voting in Williamson County reaching a staggering 48 percent – higher than early voting in the 2016 general election – election day turnout is looking to follow suit, with hundreds pouring in to voting locations all over the county.

Photo by Alexander Willis


Green, a veteran of the Iraq War, served as an infantry officer in the Army before requesting to be sent to medical school, after witnessing an event in which his father’s life was saved by surgeons.

Following his graduation from Boonshoft School of Medicine in Ohio, Green was selected to serve as a flight surgeon, where he would later go on to participate in Operation Red Dawn, the military operation responsible for Saddam Hussein’s capture.

Green later founded and served as CEO of Align MD, a healthcare staffing company, before ultimately being elected to serve in the Tennessee Senate.

“I think everybody’s pumped for today,” Green said. “People are really, in Tennessee especially, thinking there’s going to be more of a red wave than a blue wave… we feel optimistic. I’m basically asking for a job – I’m interviewing for a job. If people look at the candidates; look at their value system, what they believe, and then what are their life experiences that prepare them to make to make hard decisions in congress… and I think if people will do that, they’re going to vote for me.”

Green’s opponent in the race for Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District, Justin Kanew, has been a strong critic of Green, calling him “too extreme for the president.” Kanew specifically referenced Green’s nomination for Army Secretary being withdrawn over controversial comments regarding Islam and LGBT issues. Green has pointed out that he had frequently spoken during Trump’s rallies after the withdrawal of that nomination.

“I think the enthusiasm is outrageous,” said Debbie Deaver, chairman of the Williamson County Republican Party. “I think it’s been great, a lot of people in Brentwood [have] already early voted. We had more turnout in early voting that we had for the entire gubernatorial race last time… it’s insane, it really is.”

Voting will continue Tuesday until 7 p.m. For voting locations and further details, visit the Williamson County government website by clicking here.

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