Middle Tennessee EMS personnel head home after Hurricane Irma rescues

Middle Tennessee EMS personnel head home after Hurricane Irma rescues


After several days assisting Florida’s emergency personnel with Hurricane Irma rescue missions, the Tennessee Region 5 Ambulance Strike Team is headed home.

The team arrived in Tallahassee Friday evening ahead of the powerful storm. They were then dispatched to the Tampa area Saturday for rescue missions. The team includes ambulances and emergency personnel from Sumner, Montgomery, Wilson, Cheatham and Williamson counties and Metro Nashville.

While there, the team helped evacuate a special needs facility in Dover, Florida, to a safer location after it became overwhelmed with the needs of oxygen-dependent patients.

The team rode out the storm in a Tampa elementary school Sunday night before heading to Naples, Florida, to evacuate a hospital with no power or water Monday morning.

The Region 5 team, along with other Tennessee strike teams, was demobilized Tuesday.

“We made it to Tallahassee safely where we were greeted and thanked by the SERT (State Emergency Response Team). We have officially been demobilized,” paramedic Chad Elliott Robb said Tuesday evening. “Teams 1, 3, 5, and 6 are heading to Thomasville, Georgia, to spend the night before we make our way to Chattanooga for the debriefing in the morning.”

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