Miles Johnson Parkway misses second reopening date due to wet weather

Miles Johnson Parkway misses second reopening date due to wet weather

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The reopening of the southern portion of Miles Johnson Parkway has been delayed from its previously anticipated date of December 7, to an unknown date in the future.

“Miles Johnson was supposed to be reopened December 7, [however], contractors have been unable to pave due to rain,” alderman Matt Fitterer said. “You can’t pave roads when it’s wet, makes for a bad road in the future.”

The southern portion of Miles Johnson Parkway, which sits between Kedron Road and Duplex Road, was first closed on October 22 after the completion of a portion of the Duplex Road widening project, which according to the city, will see no more closures until its completion.

Miles Johnson Parkway was originally planned to reopen on November 22, but was pushed back to December 7 due to inclement weather. Due to frequent rain during the past few months, its reopening date has been pushed back even further, with no official date set as of yet.

“As soon as we’ll be able to get a few dry days in a row, we’ll be able to get the pavement down,” Fitterer said. “No real schedule on when that’s going to be, it’s totally weather dependent on having a couple of dry days.”

The closest detour for Miles Johnson Parkway for drivers coming from both north and south would be Hughes Street, which runs parallel to Miles Johnson Parkway to the west. High traffic hours might see Main Street as a better detour to circumvent the road closure.

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