Multiple road closures planned for next week, residents voice concerns during city meeting

Multiple road closures planned for next week, residents voice concerns during city meeting


Portions of nine separate roads in Spring Hill will be temporarily closed starting March 11 as the CSX railroad undergoes maintenance. The roads will only be closed where they intersect with the railroad.

Here is the full list of road closures with their respective dates:

March 11 – 15

  • Thompson’s Station Road
  • Wilkes Lane near the intersection of Miles Johnson Parkway
  • Depot Street between Belle Drive and Campbell Road
  • Beechcroft Road from Town Center Parkway to McCormick Crossing

March 18 – 22

  • Cleburne Road/Petty Lane between Petty and Freehand Lane
  • Butler Road between Frye Road and Carters Creek Station Road
  • Frye Road between Butler Road and U.S. 31
  • Harlan Road between Carters Creek Pike and U.S. 31
  • Theta Pike between Witherspoon Road and Rock Products Road


The dates provided are not exact, with closures potentially lasting anywhere from 1 – 3 days. The CSX Corporation will provide more accurate closure dates as the maintenance projects draw closer.

Some residents have voiced their concerns with the closures, citing some of the listed locations as some subdivisions’ main access to other parts of the city. They expressed their concerns online and during Monday night’s meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

One such person was Arthur Davis, a resident of the Summer Meadows subdivision, just off of Beechcroft Road.

“I had the wonderful surprise of [seeing] the sign saying that the road’s going to be closed,” Davis said during the meeting. “I understand we have to work with CSX; but you have the autoparts plant, you have the schools – Spring Hill Middle School, you have Columbia up there, you have the folks that take the kids down to the elementary school, and you have a mess that’s about to happen on March 11. I would like to know how are we going to survive that armageddon for four days.”

While the closure Davis was most concerned with – the closure of Beechcroft Road – would only last, at most, three days, Davis said the impact could still be severe. Parents who live west of the closure on Beechcroft Road wanting to drop off their children at Spring Hill Elementary School would, instead of driving roughly two miles on Beechcroft Road to Main Street, be forced to take Dr. Robertonson Road north all the way to I-840, head east to U.S. 31, then drive back south, for a total of roughly 13 miles. An even longer alternative to the elementary school would see drivers going south all the way to the border of Columbia, just to head back north on U.S. 31.

In addition to the traffic concerns, Davis said the closures, though short lived, could even pose safety risks.

“And God help if there’s some kind of emergency,” Davis said. “The fire truck would have to go all the way out around, and then literally head to Columbia to just get 30 seconds away.”

The Home Page will report on the more specific road closure dates and times as they become available.

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