New restaurant and gas station development proposed in Thompson’s Station

New restaurant and gas station development proposed in Thompson’s Station

PHOTO: Planning documents show the design for the new restaurant/gas station development. / Photo courtesy of the town of Thompson’s Station


Plans for a new 5,761 square foot restaurant and gas station development have been submitted to the Thompson’s Station Planning Commission, and will be voted on by the town on Tuesday at 7 p.m. during the commission’s monthly meeting. The gas station would be called Roderick Market, with the restaurant name still unknown at this time.

Proposed to be built on the east side of Columbia Pike, just south of Critz Lane, the one-story development would feature a restaurant with patio dining on the west side of the building adjacent to Columbia Pike, with the opposite side of the building housing a convenience store and gas station. 

The size of the restaurant would be 4,315 square feet, with 547 square feet of that being dedicated to the porch, and the convenience store at 1,993 square feet. The convenience store would also have a front porch, which is planned to encompass 435 additional square feet.

The landscaping for the project, which according to town development guidelines requires one tree for every 50 feet along Columbia Pike, will include black gum, scarlet oaks, nuttall oaks, cypress, and Japanese cedar trees.

Submitted by the Nashville-based civil engineering firm Kimley Horn, the project has a long and storied history.

Back in October of 2007, the Thompson’s Station Planning Commission approved a project on the site that included 174 residential units, and 127,606 square feet of commercial development. Fast forward to November of 2015, and the applicant, Kimley Horn, had submitted the first plan for their restaurant and gas station development. 

After a year had gone by without construction beginning, Kimley Horn’s approval from the town had expired, afterwhich the applicant submitted another request for approval in November of 2017. One more year later no construction had begun, and so, the project’s approval expired once more.

Kimley Horn is once again seeking, for the third time, approval for its restaurant and gas station development. Despite the history of nonaction, the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting reads that town staff recommends approval for the project, with a few contingencies, such as holding a meeting with town staff before the installation of any landscaping, and including a roadway connection to Columbia Pike in its plans.

The project is set to be voted on by the Planning Commission at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Community Center, located at 1555 Thompson’s Station Road West. The meeting is open to the public, and will have opportunities for public comment.

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