Nolensville rebounds against Spring Hill

Nolensville rebounds against Spring Hill

PHOTO: Ryder Galardi of the Nolensville Knights squares up against Spring Hill Raiders players during a run // Photo by Alexander Willis


The Nolensville Knights scored a huge victory over the Spring Hill Raiders Friday night 41-6.

This puts the Raiders at 0-3, and the Knights at 2-1, following a tough loss against the Page Patriots last week.

PHOTO: The Spring Hill Raiders manage to block a punt by the Nolensville Knights // Photo by Alexander Willis

“I’m just very, very proud of the way we responded after last week,” said Nolensville head coach Paul Derrick.

“That was a very tough loss last week. The kids responded, had a great week of practice, and then came out in the game and responded in the first half. They didn’t respond very well last week, and they did this week, so just very proud of them, very happy for them, and [it was] just a really good win for us.”

The Knights started out strong, scoring three touchdowns (two from standout RB Colton Dooley) and a field goal kick for a total of 24 points before the end of the first quarter.

The Raiders struggled to gain ground, losing control of the ball to both an interception and a fumble within the first quarter.

The second quarter mostly stagnated, with both teams failing to gain any ground, before Tim Coutras of the Knights returned an interception for 45 yards to the endzone just before half-time.

The Raiders managed to stop a forward drive by the Knights in the third quarter, resulting in a successful field goal kick. Timothy Skayskal of the Knights scored a touchdown with a successful catch just before the fourth quarter.

Not down and out just yet, the Raiders did manage to score a touchdown in the last quarter, with Landon Secrest clocking it in after a successful run.

“It wasn’t a good night on either side of the ball,” said Spring Hill head coach Ben Martin.

“We spotted them 24 points right off the bat, and it’s hard to come back from that deficit. I don’t want to take anything away from Nolensville, but we didn’t execute on either side of the ball. We’ve got to regroup.  I’ll take all the blame. We need to move forward, and we need to execute better.”

The Raiders’ next game will be a home game against the Riverdale Warriors next Friday, and the Knights next game will be an away game against the Summit Spartans.

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