Officer scuffles with credit fraud suspect, makes arrest

Officer scuffles with credit fraud suspect, makes arrest

A Spring Hill Police officer on Saturday apprehended one of three people suspected of charging thousands of dollars worth of merchandise using false identities.

Officers responded to Kohl’s, 1020 Crossings Boulevard, where three people fit the description of a trio that had opened accounts at another Kohl’s store.

Officer Hadley located one subject – later identified as Lavarro McClendon, 25 – still in the store and asked to see his identification. McClendon produced what appeared to be a fake Pennsylvania driver’s license. At one point during questioning, McClendon took off running towards the exit door and Officer Hadley pursued him and was able to grab McClendon’s hoodie and bring him to the ground. A short struggle ensued and McClendon was able to break free from Officer Hadley. McClendon was apprehended, without incident, in front of Maurice’s, also in The Crossings shopping center.

McClendon had opened a Kohl’s charge card account in Franklin using a false identity. McClendon was attempting to max out the card in Spring Hill with a purchase of $800 worth of jewelry. According to Police, McClendon admitted that he had some fines to pay off in Michigan, and this fraud was a way to make quick money. McClendon also was in possession of a receipt showing a $3,000 purchase at Kay’s Jeweler. The purchase also was made using a fake identity.

McClendon was housed in Maury County Jail and charged with resisting stop/arrest, criminal simulation, false report, and assault on an officer.

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