Paisley posts music video shot last week in Franklin

Paisley posts music video shot last week in Franklin

Brad Paisley on Friday, Apr. 14, issued a call for people to come to downtown Franklin to appear in a music video being shot on the Public Square.

The video is already finished.

Paisley published it on Wednesday afternoon on his Facebook page.

The video is for “Heaven South,” a song on his 13th album, called “Love and War,” released this week.

The video depicts Paisley playing music on the back of a flat bed truck as it drives amid familiar Williamson County landscapes, such as the Del Rio Pike area, familiar barns, fields and fence lines.

It also shows scenes of life on Main Street in Franklin, classic cars, young couples and Southern food. Eventually it shows crowds in the square and on Main Street in a concert situation.

Paisley, 44, is a Williamson County resident.




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