“Pave the Way” fundraiser launches for new Spring Hill library, brings community together in new way

“Pave the Way” fundraiser launches for new Spring Hill library, brings community together in new way


Residents can now become a permanent part of Spring Hill’s history, while also helping support the new public library at the Northfield Workforce Development Center by way of the “Pave the Way” fundraiser, which sees the Friends of the Library selling custom-engraved bricks to be used in the construction of the library’s patio.

Bricks can be purchased in sizes of either 4×8 or 8×8 inches, and cost $75 and $150, respectively. Each will feature a custom engraving of a person’s name. Purchasers will also have the option of selecting a piece of clip art to be engraved onto the brick. The collection of applicable clip art designs may be viewed by clicking here.

The patio will be located just outside of the new library’s cafe, and will feature tables with covered umbrellas and a large seating area.

Lisa Arnwine with Friends of the Library said a custom brick would be the perfect Christmas present, and that any support for the new library will go a long way.

“This is a perfect gift for the person who has everything,” Arnwine said. “That brick will be there forever and ever, and we have gift cards that we will be glad to give to the purchasers so that they have something to wrap up for their recipient on Christmas morning.”

The new library has been a long time coming, and will much better serve Spring Hill’s ever growing population, which was recently found to be the single fastest growing community in the state.

The new library will be a massive 37,000 square feet, as compared to the current library which is only 17,000 square feet. The new library will also have an additional 13,000 square feet on the second floor that will be developed later on.

PHOTO: Design documents show the floor plans for the new Spring Hill library. / Photo courtesy of the city of Spring Hill

Arnwine said the upgrade in size is what has her most excited about the new location. She added that the additional staff and technology will allow for library staff to better serve the community.

“Right now the library is literally bursting at the seams,” Arnwine said. “People that want to use its services are being turned down, because they just don’t have enough dates and hours to meet their needs. This is really going to be outstanding for the city and the groups that like to use the library, because it’s going to be so much bigger.”

The patio where the custom bricks will be used has room for approximately 2,500 custom bricks. Arnwine said that since the program’s launch this week, they’ve sold about 80 bricks. She remains optimistic that the community will continue to rally behind the new project.

The Friends of the Library, which has raised more than $75,000 for the library since 2010, has partnered with the Florida-based company Brick Markers for the “Pave the Way” fundraiser. Brick Markers are the manager of the project.

Those interested in purchasing a brick to be used in the new library’s construction may do so online by clicking here.

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