Plans for a Great White Express Car Wash submitted to Spring Hill

Plans for a Great White Express Car Wash submitted to Spring Hill

PHOTO: Design documents show an overhead view of the newly proposed car wash on Main Street./ / Photo courtesy of the city of Spring Hill


Design documents for Great White Express Car Wash were reviewed by the Spring Hill Planning Commission Monday night during its monthly work session meeting.

Proposed to be built on Main Street, behind the Arby’s and just northeast of the Crossings, the project will be the third car wash in the city with an automated car wash tunnel.

With a site area of roughly 1.25 acres, the car wash would feature an automated car was tunnel as well as 15 self-serving vacuum stations underneath partially covered parking stalls.

Sitting member on the Planning Commission Matt Fitterer commented on the application, noting that the submitted documents failed to include general building elevations or planned building materials, urging the applicant to provide those details to the city as soon as possible.

What was included in the documents regarding the building’s design was that the facility would have “varying panel colors and flat roof sections with an opaque curved roof over the car wash tunnel,” with the roof being a canopy-type structure.

As the development also borders on the Crossings North subdivision, Planning Commission member Paula Hepp requested adequate buffering be implemented between the homes and the facility. According to city code, all car washes must provide a physical barrier between adjacent housing development that is six to eight feet in height, along will tall shrubs dotted along the barrier.

The applicant, Civil Engineering Services, will see their request for site plan approval be voted on during the Planning Commission’s next voting meeting on Monday, April 8.

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