President-elect Trump to meet with Williamson’s Marsha Blackburn

President-elect Trump to meet with Williamson’s Marsha Blackburn

Sometime Tuesday, Tennessee Seventh District Congressman Marsha Blackburn will sit down with president-elect Donald Trump in New York City.

Blackburn – who is a part of Trump’s transition team – makes the second Tennessean to sit down with the president-elect this week. Sen. Bob Corker also scheduled to meet with him.

As of November, Williamson along with 18 other counties elected Blackburn to serve another term in Congress.

“It was an honor to be a surrogate for Mr. Trump during his hard-fought campaign and to subsequently be asked to serve on the Executive Committee for his Transition Team,” Blackburn said. “Over the years, I have had the opportunity to visit Trump Tower numerous times and I look forward to meeting with President-elect Trump in New York City Tuesday to discuss a broad range of policy issues, the transition and to continue helping him choose the best people for his administration.”

During the presidential election cycle, Blackburn helped host a range of candidates in Williamson County. She said from the beginning she would support whomever the party nominated, and spoke at this year’s Republican National Convention. She also remained behind Trump while he faced controversy over his comments made on a bus on the set of “Days of Our Lives.” The footage of the mid-2000s video surfaced during October.

No other details regarding the meeting were provided.

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