Proposed Arby’s restaurant enters final approval process

Proposed Arby’s restaurant enters final approval process


A proposed Arby’s restaurant is one step closer to beginning construction in Spring Hill, as the municipal planning commission voted Monday to approve the sketch plans for the building.

“[The] sketch plan is what they just approved, so the remaining step will be second plan approval,” said assistant city administrator Chuck Downham. “So one more step.”

After one more approval process, construction may begin on the site. The restaurant would be 2,599 square feet, and would be located at 5426 Main Street, just off of Kedron Road.

Over the past weeks, the Board of Mayor and Alderman have voiced their concerns over the project, among them being traffic concerns, firetruck accessibility and sidewalks. After procedural adjustments to the project over past weeks, the board approved of the most recent sketch plans, on the condition that sidewalks would also be constructed along Main Street.

On average, individual Arby’s restaurants annually pull in $838,000 from sales. The sales tax in Tennessee for any particular area is a combination of both the state’s sales tax rate – which is 7 percent – and the county’s sales tax rate. The sales tax rate for Williamson County is currently 2.75 percent, for a combined total of a 9.75 percent sales tax rate.

The proposed Arby’s will be on the Maury County side of Spring Hill, giving it a sales tax rate of 9.25 percent. Taking the average annual sales of an Arby’s restaurant, this would potentially bring in $77,515 for the city, county and state to divvy up every year, in addition to both property and business tax the restaurant will have to pay.


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