Proposed mixed-use development project in Spring Hill includes 280,000 square feet of retail, commercial, office and restaurant space

Proposed mixed-use development project in Spring Hill includes 280,000 square feet of retail, commercial, office and restaurant space

PHOTO: Concept art shows the design of the commercial, retail and residential buildings for the mixed-development project / Photo courtesy of the city of Spring Hill


A concept plan for a mixed-use development project spanning over 46 acres was submitted to the Spring Hill Planning Commission Monday night for review. Proposed to be located on the northeastern corner of Port Royal Road and Derryberry Lane, just south of Saturn Parkway, the project includes at least ten commercial buildings, 298 multi-family housing units, 104 multi-family age-restricted housing units, two ponds, two swimming pools, a clubhouse and an active adult community center.

PHOTO: Concept plan documents show the mixed-use development in its entirety / Photo courtesy of the city of Spring Hill

Concept plan documents show ten separate retail buildings of varying sizes, for a combined size of 280,000 square feet, with the single largest building coming in at just over 42,000 square feet. For the retail buildings alone, the developer has included 1,122 parking spaces, for a combined total of 2,040 parking spaces for the whole development.

The project would also see Tom Lunn Road extended eastward, cutting through the northern portion of the development.

The developer, Civil Site Design Group, has broken down the development into three separate construction phases; phase one would include just the residential development, phase two, the commercial development, and the adult community center being the third and final phase of development.

Commissioner Matt Fitterer said that the project’s sewer capacity was a “major concern,” and that to accommodate the large development, “a larger [sewer] line would have to be a part of this.” Fitterer also drew some concerns with the project’s phases, which he argued were “backwards” to what would be ideal for the city.

“Really not excited about the phasing lines,” Fitterer said. “You’re essentially asking for all the residential to come on board, and then down the road the commercial to come on board. That’s backwards from how the city would like to see it.”

Commissioner James Golias also noted multiple concerns with the development, but said he was, overall, “excited” for the project.

“I think it’s headed in the right direction,” Golias said. “Personally, I’m excited to see the commercial and the residential, and the thought of trying to get some mixed use in here.”

Chairman of the commission, Paul Downing, agreed with Golias comments, but also noted to the developer that they “still have some work to do on this one.”

As this project was just a concept plan submitted for review, no decisions were made by the commission Monday. Civil Site Design Group will likely take the commissions comments and resubmit an updated document for the city to review in the near future.

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