Salon Salon, displaced by redevelopment, thriving in new home

Salon Salon, displaced by redevelopment, thriving in new home
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Salon Salon, a hair salon located in Downtown Franklin that doubles as an art gallery, spent years on Main Street.

But after the building that also housed the Republican Party of Williamson County was razed to make room for the Harpeth Square development, Salon Salon popped up again on Fowlkes Street, behind the Lotz House.

The unique establishment is run by siblings Tony and Von Derry.

“We have a beautiful business that works well,” said Von Derry. “We got here in 1975, and we decided that this is where we wanted to do hair. We love it.”

The Derry siblings were born in Fort Campbell, Ky,., outside of Clarksville, Tenn., but they also lived in Fort Bragg, N.C. before settling in Franklin.

Salon Salon was on Main Street for several decades but moved to a new location two years ago. “We left Main Street two years ago because they tore that building down. We found this beautiful location and we did a gut-out renovation. We really love this part of town we’re in. It’s a beautiful area right here downtown in the historic district of Franklin.

“We love living in here and we’re having a ball cutting hair and making people more beautiful than they already are. Everyone is beautiful in Franklin.”

More than half of the paintings displayed in Salon Salon were done by Derry herself. There are some customers who come by just to view and buy the art. Others come just for hair appointments, but there are also many people who do both in the same visit.

“We really enjoy having a gallery to work in. It’s fun to do hair inside of an art gallery,” said Derry. “We sell paintings every week. Our paintings find new homes. We’re having a great time in Franklin.”

Derry also shows her art in other venues.

“I will be showing my artwork at Landmark Community Bank in August at the Art Crawl in Franklin,” Derry said.

Customers young and old visit Salon Salon. This allows the Derrys to keep up with the changing trends. For example, Derry noticed that waves are becoming a popular hairstyle again in Franklin. “Wavy hair is picking up speed and coming back in a big way… beach waves, American waves, dropped waves, you name it. People are like peacocks, and we like to spread our feathers. Salon Salon is here to help you do that.”

Derry is passionate about both doing hair and creating art, so this business is perfect for her to combine her two loves. Her hair is colored green, which matches her colorful personality and artwork hanging from the walls.

The siblings also have been praised for their prices.

“Men’s haircuts are $20 and women’s are $40. Hair colors are $150 and under, and we do a lot of perms,” Derry said.

Salon Salon’s new location is 110 East Fowlkes Street. Studio A, Franklin, TN. 37064

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