Scene & Heard: Arcadian Wrestling’s first Spring Hill show draws dozens

Scene & Heard: Arcadian Wrestling’s first Spring Hill show draws dozens

Tennessee’s new Arcadian Wrestling Association (AWA), a professional wrestling company that travels around Tennessee bringing arena-style shows to the state’s smaller communities, held its first show in Spring Hill Friday.

Dozens of area wrestling fans turned out to the Olympus Athletic Club for a first look at AWA’s “War of the Gods” show. The wrestling group plans to do shows in Spring Hill every six to eight weeks, and they are even looking for land to build a venue to make Spring Hill their permanent home.

Leah Hulan, owner and “bond girl” of Grumpy’s Bail Bonds, started AWA with former TNA Wrestling star and world champion Chase Stevens. Both Hulan and Stevens star in the live wrestling show along with many others, including former WWE stars Gangrel and Kevin Thorn.

While AWA features characters and plot lines like other wrestling shows, the company’s goal is to take wrestling back to its ‘glory days’ by bringing back harder hitting, more old school style of wrestling combined with modern production techniques, according to AWA manager Shaun Ames.

“Wrestling is my creative escape from bail bonding and chasing fugitives,” Hulan said. “In wrestling you have good and bad guys, kind of like in bail bonding, and we’re setting up heroes. The good guys don’t always win, but there’s a story being told.

“And wrestling has changed over the years – that’s kind of our motto, ‘become a fan again,’ that’s what we’re trying to do with our independent wrestling organization.”

For more information, visit Tickets for the show start at just $10.

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