Single-family homes dominate new Spring Hill zoning map

Single-family homes dominate new Spring Hill zoning map


Spring Hill released a map showing how proposed rules regulating development in the city would change the distribution of zoning districts.

The unified development code would dictate what buildings would look like in Spring Hill and also includes a map of zones that regulate where developers can build.

The city’s planning commission is reviewing those rules this week, and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen will vote on them in the next few months.

Many of the new zones roughly match the current zoning districts, but if a property doesn’t meet the requirements of its new zoning district, property owners won’t have to make any changes.

Much of the map is colored yellow, representing a single-family home district. Another large portion of the map is also greyed out because those areas are subdivisions that have a prior agreement with the city about how they will be developed. A large commercial district follows Old Kedron Road, and a downtown area is centered around Main Street and Duplex Road.

The proposed zoning map shows 26 different possible zones, The Board of Mayor and Alderman could choose to change the zoning map in the future, but it would have to formally vote on it again.

The current zoning map is to the left and the proposed map is on the right. The maps don’t use the same color scheme.

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