Spring Hill adjusts lights at intersection of Port Royal Road and Buckner Lane

Spring Hill adjusts lights at intersection of Port Royal Road and Buckner Lane


Spring Hill changed the phasing of the traffic lights at the intersection of Port Royal Road and Buckner Lane earlier this week.

The changes include adding a green arrow for a protected left turn, and changing the timing of green lights.

It’s a four-way intersection, with three roads and the entrance to a shopping center. It doesn’t look like a typical four-way intersection because Buckner Lane intersects Port Royal Road on a curve.

Spring Hill communications director said the changes are supposed to make the area safer. He said there was previously some confusion about which lanes had to yield. But drivers are still adjusting to the change.

“People were so used to it the other way it’s causing some confusion,” Page said.

The updated light is supposed to work like any other intersection. Drivers going north on Port Royal Road can go straight through to Buckner Lane on a regular green light. They can turn left to continue on Port Royal Road when they have a green arrow, but have to yield to oncoming traffic if they have a green circle.

The changes could also help eastbound drivers on Port Royal Road. Page said drivers going east with a green light sometimes didn’t realize that they had to yield to traffic going north. He said the new timing should eliminate that conflict.

The city also installed several signs, including a large, flashing construction sign, to notify drivers about the changes.

A construction sign notifies drivers about the new traffic signal. // Photo by Matt Blois

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