Spring Hill approves new rules regulating subdivision development after 18 months of debate

Spring Hill approves new rules regulating subdivision development after 18 months of debate


The Spring Hill Planning Commission approved a new set of rules for subdividing land in the city, and recommended approval for a new set of zoning regulations.

After spending 18 months working on the Unified the Development Code, the Planning Commission didn’t have much more to add before the final vote. Commissioner Matt Fitterer made a few minor changes, and then the commission approved the new rules unanimously.

The United Development Code has two sections. The first section regulates the subdivision of land; that is what the Planning Commission approved on Monday. The second part is the city’s zoning rules. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen will have to vote on those rules before they become effective.

According to a website about the new rules created by the city, the Unified Development Code will “protect the City’s historic development patterns while creating new opportunities for economic development, helping to make Spring Hill a more resilient, livable and business-friendly community.”

The subdivision regulations approved on Monday control things like where a developer can put new lots and how they are arranged. For example, developers have to put all lots next to public streets and have to make sure that they provide drainage away from buildings.

It also governs things like the public streets in new subdivisions. Developers have to make sure that new roads connect to existing rights-of-way, and major subdivisions are supposed to have multiple entrances.

The rules also lay out the required steps for building a subdivision. Developers have to submit a several sets of plans, and get approval from the Planning Commission.

Spring Hill already has a set of rules regulating the subdivision of land that include many of these guidelines. Previously Commissioner Matt Fitterer has said that the current rules aren’t moving the city in the right direction, and the new rules are more in line with the city’s comprehensive plan.

The Planning Commission did not vote on one section of the Unified Development code that regulates how homes are supposed to look in the city. A set of rules regarding appearance has already been established and the city wanted to make sure that they would not conflict with the new rules.

The Planning Commission will consider those design regulation rules at a work session on May 29, and will vote on them in June.

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