Spring Hill considers asking county to handle 911 calls

Spring Hill considers asking county to handle 911 calls


The city of Spring Hill is considering asking the Williamson County Department of Emergency Communication to handle its 911 calls. Spring Hill currently has its own dispatch system that operates 24 hours a day. 

Some aldermen submitted questions about the county’s dispatch system. The director of the Williamson County Emergency Communications Department Steve Martini came to the meeting to answer some of those questions.

The Williamson County system already coordinates police, fire and emergency medical for several communities, and serves about 220,000 people in total. It works with law enforcement agencies in Fairview, Franklin, Nolensville and Williamson County, and fire departments in Fairview, Nolensville, Bethesda and several other communities. 

The main office for the Williamson County dispatch is in the southern part of Franklin. Martini said that the dispatchers receive about 10 months of job training that combines classroom learning and on the job training.

Martini said that the Williamson County system would be able to handle 911 calls in both Williamson and Maury counties without a problem. Alderman Matt Fitterer asked whether the county’s system would grow with the city.

“We would cover not only where you are today, but where you plan to be,” Martini said.

The county dispatch system would have to create two new positions that would be dedicated to Spring Hill. Martini said that when someone from Spring Hill calls 911 they would typically get a dispatcher who regularly fields calls from Spring Hill. Even when callers are using cell phone the system is able to determine their location by getting information from the cell tower that the caller is using.

The city is also considering moving its current dispatchers to the Northfield Building, rather than contracting with the county.

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